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walmart color changing pumpkin lights.

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I just picked up a cool little light at wally world. it's a color changing LED light for pumpkins, alternates with fade between blue gree and red. the parabolic mirror inside makes it bright enough to cast shadows in a well lit room. they are 3 bucks each and run on 3 AAA batteries. I'm going back tomorrow to pick up several more.
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Hey I got these just yesterday. I picked up two of these pumpkin lights To cool.
scene setters and pumpkins light pictures by Wormyt - Photobucket here is some scene setters I picked up and one of my two pumpkin lights. I actually got four scene setters and two lights so these are a few pics.
Ive been in four different walmarts trying to find these 36 inch skellys Zombie....like the ones that pose. Ours carried them like two years back and now I havent been able to find them again uggggggggggggggg. They were cheaper at walmart like 13 dollars
Oh wow and Ive looked at four different walmarts and didnt even see a place for them on there planners. And you didnt get a pic LOL.
http://www.halloweenpropmaster.com/wormyt_in_2003.htm was it these ones. They are like 36 inches. Scroll down that page and see the ones I have. These are cool little guys. Last year I did get some called jabber jaws I think was the name, but just these were cheap two years ago. Ugggggggg wish i had gotten more
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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