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Website Coding Needed

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Hello, I'm not sure if this would be the appropriate thread to post this but to me it seems as if it is. I'm a dummy when it comes to coding websites, but not when it comes to designing them. I have the full layout done in photoshop one with rollovers and one plain, now all I need is some free coding. I will offer anyone graphics or any help they need in that department in return.
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So, what coding do you need?
Ditto. Are you looking for an image rollover script, or someone to code your entire design from the photoshop layout? Big difference. I am a web developer and I may be able to help you if you could be more specific.
You can PM me and I'll take a look at your photoshop file. My company is www.electronmonkey.com and all the sites we do start out as custom designs by me or one of my artists in photoshop and then coded in xhtml and css or php by me or one of my developers. So I am very familiar with this process. We don't use any pre-made templates.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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