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What are Everybody's Labor Day Weekend Plans?

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So what does everybody have planned - or not - for this weekend?

Family stuff, getting together with friends... building props???

The weather here in Stepford is supposed to be glorious!!! Mid - upper 70's with abundant sunshine. It'll be a wonderful relief from the mugginess and t-storms of last week.

We're going to do lots around the house. Mr. W has Friday off and wants to start on gettinng yardwork done so we'll do some of that and get it ready for pre-Halloween display. He also wants to continue painting the house and start the Haunted House silhouette for the front yard display.

I'm in cooking mode. I'll probably do some baking and the usual sewing... take the doggies for a walk and just enjoy the long weekend with Mr. W and the little W's. :)
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Sounds like the Wickeds have a fun weekend planned! I am working but it is still kinda fun-at the Scottish games. A good excuse to wear my kilt skirt and meet nice people. Gonna be really hot though, yikes:devil:
I had scheduled Friday off and planned for 4 days of working on props (and some household chores), BUT low and behold, 2 days ago my mother calls and says she is coming to town,,,,,,, then yesterday, my mother-in-law calls and says the same thing. ARGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!
I have been looking forward to devoteing this time to props for too long. If they want to see me they are going to have to come out to the carport.
Well, going canoing on Sunday. This is it until after the end of Oct.
I'm going to trailer park campground. Nor a lot of people there this year :(
But i'll be bringing my display up there to win the Halloween decoration contest!
Finally getting a chance to work on props!!!!! Yeah baby!
Going uptown in Chicago on Sat. My goto a party on Sund.
working on props, drinkin', partying, eating, working on props, drinkin, etc...
Trail riding with an ATV & camping. Well, kinda camping, we have a camper. :) I'm sure there will be some drinking somewhere in there too.

What I should be doing: cleaning house, working on props, sew costume. Oh well, it will all be there when I get home.
Second MM project, BBQing, more prop building, refinishing tombstones, etc, etc, etc. You guys REALLY have me hooked on the MM. Thanks.:p :p My family and friends all LOVE you for it!!!:googly: :googly: Hahahahahaha!!!!
working all weekend but partying prob sat night. My daughters coming up and a few friends (and their pets)
Business as usual here (which means props, housework, and computer geeking) except that Saturday evening we're going to a couple of friends' house for a low country boil. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.......... mudbugs and beer!
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......... love's me some mud bug's. Maybe I will adjust my schedule a bit and find something more social one night.
Still working on the house for the bankruptsy stuff. Maybe cook out on the grill and see the MIL with my wife and son.
Friday there's a football game...
Saturday's my birthday. :D.
Sunday I work, then some prop/haunt work
Monday I'll be working on my haunt all day/night!

Send me stuff for my b-day.
Working around the house ie: cleaning, prepping for fall, a few honey do things, but not mowing grass ( just got to keep it from catching fire, No rain)

But most importantly work on a few props. :)
Well let's see, tomorrow is my last day of work....forever!
It's gonna be a long, long weekend. Maybe I'll get some of these props finished up...
Looking forward to seeing my daughter who is coming home from college for the weekend. I also am going to start on some large outdoor props. I have been put to shame about not working on Halloween when I look at everything that has been accomplished by members already. I did the decor for a large fundraiser for the childrens hospital in May and have so many pieces of foam left over so I'll be making things with that. I'll try my hand at carving tombstones this year.

Also looking forward to spending time outside with a cooling spell of temps in the mid 80's. Our weather has been incredibly hot this summer - at 100 degrees for weeks in a row with major humidity and the worst drought in 100 years down here. I'm glad the weather broke and we have received a bit of rain for the first time in months.
congrats spook---finish mm prop i hope ,cook out @ a coworkers house and there was something else???????
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