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What Are You Doing This Halloween?

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Well I haven't made up my mind fully about this Halloween. But I'll probably just hand out candy, and keep a good horror movie on the TV behind me! What about everyone else?
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Ill be taking my 2 little ones trick or treating.Then come home and hand some candy out to the "last minute" trick or treaters.We usually order pizza and Once the kiddo's come down from theyre sugar high.we put them to bed and stay up and watch the scary moives on TV.Good times....good times...
We'll be having our 5th annual Halloween party! We don't get any tot's in our neighborhood, so we throw a big party. Plus, it's our anniversary. We were married at our party 2 years ago!
that's cool vikeman.

We are having our 10th Annual Halloween Bash...
Making costumes mandatory (or what fun is that) Having a costume contest .So i am hoping everyone stil comes...you know those people (generally speaking).
But if not the rest of us wil have a great time anyways.
First off writer93, love your avatar.

On the day of Halloween I will be handing out candy hoping to scare kids. The 28th I'm hoping I'll be going out and doing something for Halloween.
Great ideas guys! I'll probably do a little more than what I said at first, but im not sure yet. I know for sure ill be handing out candy though!

And thanks MrsMyers666, I like your avatar as well!
After handing out candy to (hopefully) hundreds of kids, much drinking will commence. For the last two years, we have then watched "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" complete with really bad acting, toast throwing and much more drinking. Someone eventually runs through the haunt naked. I probably shouldn't have told you that, but it is pretty funny when it happens.
We've developed a sort of tradition over the years. Aside from the majority of outdoor decorating on Halloween Day, we have a pizza/wing supper with the kids and some of their friends. Most of these kids are my older son's pals who enjoy coming over to help out with the festivities. We eat around 4:30 and then around 5:30 it's costume/make-up stuff, go over plans, contingency plans, etc... hook up fog chillers, turn on and tweak lighting, light jack o lanterns, get candy ready, turn on sound tracks, etc.. at about 5:50, everyone is in place as the tots start showing up right at 6, and it's pretty much non stop for two hours. Afterward, we normally have friends stop by to see the display. Added refreshments are served. The kids all head home and then we start bringing stuff in. I'll usually stay up and catch whatever good movies are on. Since I take 11/1 off from work, I can sleep in, and then take the rest of the stuff down.
It's a fun day all around and one we really look forward to!
I have a nervous breakdown pencil'd in for that day. Perhaps some candy giving to the TOTs... if the men in the pretty white coats don't come and take me away hee hee ho ho.

Ok, have to comment on the avatars too... Mrs.Myer666 and writer93... they scare me. Will be posting my avatar as soon as I hit 10 posts... not spooky either.
Sorry 1313...oops I mean Nyxie ;) You would hate my room then I have an 18" Michael figure that stands on a table that's next to my bed.

Please don't have a nervous breakdown on the 31st, save it for Nov. 1st J/K

Traditions are the best. jdubbya I'm with you on the taking off Nov. 1. This way I can stay up late on the 31st and then on 11/1 I can go buy a bunch of stuff 50% off.
We will be having friends and their daughter down for spiced warmed wine and cider, beer, food ...and then we'll head outisde in our costumes and hide among the decorations, then give out candy and hopefully scare the TOTs. After TOT ends, I am going to sit up all night and watch movies since I took off the next day.....
I'll probably be watching the Monsterfest marathon on AMC again this year, as I am handing out candy to the TOT's and eating a little myself lol.
Wow !! What am I doing this Halloween. Well first I gotta work at my school as the lunch lady then off at 1pm. Then drive home..hopefully without getting into a wreck LOL. New boyfriend will be here waiting to help me. Anyway I hurry home then the madness begins. I get last minute things set up in the garage and front yard. Get my spider cider going as well as the water and hot chocolate station. Try to be dressed by three oclock to go stand very still out front to wait for the bus to come by. Then again for the little kids bus at 4. I usually try to stand like a prop holding up the haunt sign, times etc. Volunteers start coming bout 5pm. Then by six we are going nuts with excitment. All us ladies dressed as Witches, to serve the cider and hot chocolate, give out candy, glow braclets. Then the kid actors inside the dotroom take place. By seven, Im out front taking pics of all the trick or treaters while the volunteers take over the serve table. This year I hope to make or break my new guy. Can he accept what I do and if not then he shall be cast out with a good luck spell. Ummmmmmmmm ok Im just kidding LOL. But our haunt will be going on til at least 10:00pm or til I can not see another tot coming or car light. We usually get around 300 guest. After that, gotta shower and get all that green makeup off plus all the haircolor spray outta my hair LOL. To bed I go leaving everything as is. Then the next day I am OFF work, and will go hit all the sales I possibly can hit. LOL
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Mrs. Myers 666... don't sweat the avatar... my own demons. Breakdown rescheduled for November 2nd... have to have November 1st for 1/2 off sales.

Wormy T - here is my dating philosphy... (I posted this on the "You might be a home haunter if... thread):

... you are single and on a first date and you test his/her lust for Hallowe'en and reject the idea of further dates if they score less than a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Hope this helps.
LOL Love that LOL. Well I will be watching him react to my Halloween night. It gets really crazy around here with volunteers in and out of my house, coming and going. Sooooooooooooo this is his true test!!!!!! I sure hope this guy can handle it. NOTHING will come inbetween me and my night heheheheh.
Sounds like some great plans Trisha!!
This is what happens on Halloween:

7 a.m.: Have Kahlua & coffee with my Halloween music
8 a.m. Start setting up my big props and other things at 8 a.m. Usually I'm finished about 11 or 12 in the afternoon.
12 noon: With cocktail in hand, I finish setting up the food and drink area.
Breaktime!! More cocktails!!! :D
1 p.m.: Get showered and dressed in my costume and have a another cocktail.
2 p.m.: With cocktail in hand, give everything a once over and "tweak" anything that needs it.
3 p.m.: TOTs start to arrive and the fun begins:jol:
3:30 p.m.: After refreshing my cocktail, I start putting out some snacks and appetizers and start the crockpots and food going.
4 p.m.: Hubby comes home, shakes his head in disbelief, and starts to put on his costume while I making him a cocktail too.
5 p.m.-9 p.m.: Open house is in full swing. More cocktails!!
After 9 p.m.: Walk around my haunt and take in the beauty it has to offer. Then me and hubby go TOTing for drinks around the neighborhood and enjoy talking to the neighbors. Now, if this is on a Friday and Saturday night, we will also go to the local bars and TOt for drinks. But before that we starting bringing in some of the props that we don't want to go missing.
After that: If this is on a weekday, I get out of my costume and into my Halloween pjs and watch a new Halloween DVD with popcorn and, you guessed it, a cocktail.
I usually fall asleep probably from all the food and goodies I ate all day
Nov. 1st - Wake up late, have coffee and look in the guestroom, bitch, start putting everything away in their perspective boxes. :(
Eat lunch and have a cocktail if I'm feeling up to it. I usually have one.
Clean up the outside.
Chill for the rest of the friggin day!

This is a true story. This is actually how it goes from beginning to end for me. I live for Halloween and I make the best of my time on that day and celebrate it to it's fullest. :jol:
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I am hoping to get a few days worth of costuming in before Halloween itself by attending various Halloween Attractions and Haunts around town, especially the Second Annual Film Industry Halloween Haunt.

Then I hope to do a yard haunt myself. However, I will be working on a new Sci-Fi TV show then so I am not sure yet whether my schedule will accommodate my Halloween plans...
Maybe I'll hang out all day with Da Weiner. Sounds like fun. Not too far either... NJ - PA. Is it BYOB or open cocktails? LOL.
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