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Oh dear God...it's PUSSY!
uh.... wow.

There actually doesn't appear to be a single word to describe something that is full of pus ... but nice try! Made me giggle.

And GREAT wound! I would like to see the steps involved in that.

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Definition of PUSSY

: full of or resembling pus <a pussy wound>
I read it as the female anatomy too but way funnier with your correction Debbie. Many of us will be getting a big chuckle out of this thread!!!! Poor Debbie...so wonderfully innocent.

What was this thread about....oh yeah, wicked nasty wound! Nice work Bloodchef!

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:jol:I guess that is how you got your name, Bloodchef! Wow that wound looks so friggin realistic! And the pus is a nice addition. A how to on this would be loverly.....just saying...:D
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