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What have you learned from 2005

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I saw this topic elsewhere and thought it brought out some funny stuff. I'll start it off..............

1. I've learned that it's useless to set the mood with a Midnight syndicates CD, when your neighbor is playing Monster Mash over and over at full volume.

2. I've learned that if you move your fountain at the last moment, and don't have time to re-tint the water red, every guy between the ages of 40-50, who doesn't even have the skill to put out an uncarved pumpkin, will point out said flaw.

3. I learned that kids who were almost too scared to go through the haunt in the first place, can be scared back in, if you're dressed as a reaper and are sharpening a real scythe on the pavement at the exit.

4. I've learned that my wife isn't the only woman I scare.

5. I've learned that two middle aged women locked arm in arm, and taking baby steps through a haunt, are Gods gifts to haunt actors.

6. I've learned that screams can travel at least one block down, and one block away, according to friends of ours who live that far away.

7. I've learned that asking your teenage son to set up and get ready the dropping spider, doesn't automatically infer to him that he should also turn the @#%@ thing on. No wonder I heard no screaming from that corner, lol.

8. I've learned that my years as Scout and Scoutmaster have born fruit in my ability to materialize unseen throughout the haunt at peoples elbows, hehehe, rattle cans are for rookies! LOL
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1.street lights suck
2.if the other neighbours arnt intrested in halloween your screwed over
3.your mom and aunt telling everyone at the door how cute they are kinda ruins the mood
4.Parents can be just as scared as kids so you have to have someone to scare them so they cant make fun of there kids
5.(i know you guys wont like this but...)dont think about halloween for to long before it or else you lose all your halloween spirit

thats all i can think of so far
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