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What I am working on now : Foam Toppers

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I am making these 2 cushion foam toppers for 2 of my new tombstones this yr.
The Tombstones will also be cushion foam
They are in theme with our Harleyween party.
First pics are supposed to be my bike..

these will hopefully look like my hubbys bike
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Wow Lilly....I'll bet that bike has a really soft ride.

nice carving!
Sure is Dave ,
Its a Heritage Softail classic.. haha
Hope those tombstones get good gas mileage.

Looks great Lily.
I'll bet you look like the foam covered snowman after that! :)
great work Lilly it's so COOL to see someone else that works with foam and your props are getting better and better...great work!!!
geez you seem to have no limits with foam. Those are pretty neat Lilly!
Looks pretty cool Lil....i better start mine soon.....or else i will end up with just a wooden cross haha which if i did it would prob be sticking out of my chest if i showed up to your house with it.......(such a slave driver you are!!)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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