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What kind of fabric

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do you use for your ghosts?

I found just regular white material from the fabric store just isn't wide enough. So I bought some cheap ($7) full sized white flat bed sheets.

Any other suggestions before I start cutting them apart?

They're short ghosts 35 inches from the ground to the tops of their heads.
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cheesecloth............several pieces on our fcg

and on a static prop I have a white sheet w/cheesecloth draped around the shoulder area and hanging down the arms
i've also heard of folks using curtain sheers
and i hit the thriftstores for white sheets
i get mine from walmart............they usually have a big box of it in the fabric section you can buy by the yard............however the store i went to was out so i got 3 yrds in a package

you can also get it from hobby lobby...........and i'm sure any fabric store
i throw all my sheets/cheesecloth in the washer w/a package of rit whitener and dry as usual
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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