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What should I make with this?

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I wanna make a countdown sign (for lack of a better term) for my driveway to give people driving by a little preview of whats coming. I was thinking about having a guy holding a sign saying The Haunted Manner, standing behind this little wood gate or whatever. Whate else might I do with this piece of wood?
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is that a pallet?
Paint it and have a prop behind it; use it like a cage door.
ya its a pallet. Ya I think thats a good bet spooklights
if you have a hh, just putting it against a wall and a red light behind would really add some ambience
I'm using pallets for the floor for my stage and for the walls around it. You could attach it to the from of a few pieces of plywood, put some glowing red LED's in it and a fog machine and make a creature in a box.
just a quick note: It's spelled "manor". I'd hate to see you mess up a cool sign with a typo.
The Haunted Manner was previously known as The Haunted Manor

Big change, I know...:eek:
I'd use it as a wooden cage also, but I'd loosen one wooden slat, have the creature inside staring to escape, and have the sign read ...X many days till I get out.
oooh, good idea.
good idea with the LED eyes in the dark cage. And good idea with the red light behind the bard silloietting the figure. Heres what Im thinking it'l look like. I think Im just gonna have the red eyes inside and the sign blacklit on the outside to illuminate how many days are coming
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So I decided to use the piece of wood for a countdown sign instead. I didnt want to take too much time on it. This being the first of September - I had to celebrate and liven up the street a little bit.
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Looks awesome!! I love the fact that all your props are so easy to build, look freaky and you do them so fast.
Sometimes I think I just get too wrapped up in making things too complicated. :mad: Damn this over thinking brain of mine!! Keep it simple stupid!! :mad:
Ohhh, back to you. I really do love your stuff, it's refreshing to see someone making something different than everyone else. Keep up the good work!!
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