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What would you do with a 6-light Williamsburg Chandelier?

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I bought a 6-light chandelier identical to below at an estate sale $15. I've been wanting to turn it creepy for awhile now...

What would YOU do to it if you had one of these?

For reference:
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Bend the arms so they aren't perfectly straight and the candlesticks have a more used/abused look.

Paint it black or 'rust it up'

Option 1:
sponge paint / age the white candlesticks
apply drippy red craft paint so it looks like they are dripping blood from inside
replace bulbs with orange flickering neon lights
Drip blood red candle wax off the 'holders' so it looks a bit more authentic
'Web it up'!
Run off 120VAC

Option 2:
Rip off candlesticks and remove electric wires
roll up paper 'shades'
run a bead of hot glue around the top to add a 3D look
cover that with blood red craft paint
insert a flickering LED in each candle (or build one of my high power flickering LEDs for each
drip blood red wax again
Run off 3VDC
web it up
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... having only one or two of the candles "lit" would help in the "creepy factor"...
I like that idea. To me, the more random it looks the creepier...some lights bright, some dim, odd angles, a couple of bent arms, etc. Maybe even replace one candle with a mini tesla coil so it would just shoot sparks!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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