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The forum upgrade I performed this weekend was a MAJOR one, adding quite a few new features to the forums. Here is a breakdown of what the major additions are and how they work:

The much-requested multi-quote feature allows users to tag multiple posts that they wish to respond to by clicking a small button on each post. Once the user clicks the reply button, each tagged post is quoted.

To increase usability, by default, only posts within the current thread are automatically quoted. If you wish to quote posts in other threads with multi-quote, you simply need to click a link on the reply page, and the text of those posts will be added without a reload.

Quote Tags Link to Quoted Post
When quoting a post, the ID of the post is automatically included with the
tag. When the quoted text is viewed in a thread, a small icon links back to the quoted post.

Mark Forums Read with AJAX
If you wish to mark a forum read, you can simply click its status icon on the index page (the Jack O' Lantern next to the forum name) and the change will be processed without a reload. You can even mark individual sub-forums as read in the same way.

Private Message Preview in Notification Emails
If you have elected to receive emails when receiving a new private message, the email will now contain more than just the name of the user who sent you the message. The title and body of the message will be included. Any BB codes in the message will automatically be converted to an equivalent plaintext version using the new plaintext bbcode parser.

Auto-Resize Oversized Image Attachments
If a user attaches an image that has dimensions larger than the administrator allows, the image will automatically resized to fit. This is similar to the auto-resizing of avatars that vBulletin 3.5 performed.

Signature Permissions per User Group
You may now control exactly what users can put in their signatures on a per user group level. Controls include basic character count limits (including or excluding BB code), effective line count limits, and limits on individual BB codes. See the screenshot below for a full list.

Uploadable Signature Image Support

Additionally, you may allow users to upload a single picture with their signature. If you combine this with limiting access to the tag, you can completely control the dimensions and file size of the images your users place in their signatures.

[B]Receive Private Messages from Buddies Only[/B]
You may now select to receive private messages only from users on your buddy list. If a non-buddy tries to send you a message, they will receive an error saying that you do not accept private messages. Administrators and moderators are automatically able to bypass this restriction.

All of that really just scratches the surface. That's all just stuff you can see out front, there's a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff that makes the forums work better and helps you browse easier.
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