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I just thought I'd take a few moments and give everyone here a little tutorial on what's new in this version of the forum software, and how to use it.

For some of us, figuring out how to format text on a message board using the vB Code is a little confusing. Well, there's an easy remedy for that now in the form of a "What You See Is What You Get" editor. Go into your Usercp, click "Edit Options," and at the bottom is a drop-down box with three options for your "Message Editor Interface." Select the "Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing" and click "Save Changes." Your text entry field will be replaced with an editor that allows you to easily add bold text, color your text, add smilies, and do lots of other formatting very easily.

If you're used to the current text editor, I suggest sticking with it unless you have a hard time figuring out how to use it.

In each user's post bit (the little bit of info about the person making a post that appears above every person's post), you will notice an image that looks like this:

That little green dot is your reputation. A person's reputation is increased by the other users by way of this graphic:

By clicking that "scales of justice" graphic on any post, you may approve or disapprove of that person's post. By approving a post, you increase that person's reputation, and by disapproving, you decrease their reputation rating. Any comments you make during the approval/disapproval will be seen by the recipient. It's a double edged sword that way. Expect a person who you take reputation away from to do the same to you. As your reputation increases, the color of your reputation graphic will get brighter, and as it decreases, it will turn grey and then to varying shades of red as it gets lower.

Collapsible Everything:
Any time you encounter an arrow that looks like this:
you can click on it to collapse everything inside the table it's in. Clicking it again opens everything it affects again. This is handy if there's stuff you never look at or use, and stops the screen from seeming so cluttered with stuff you may not care about.

Thread View Options:
At the top of all threads is an option labelled "Display Modes." This is used if you prefer to use a threaded mode over the standard linear mode. There is also a hybrid version of the two where you can see the thread's progression as well as its plain linear mode. Most people prefer linear mode (which is the default view).

Similar Threads:
All threads that have something in common with another thread on the forums will appear in a "Similar Threads" box at the bottom of every thread. It only appears when there is at least one thread of similar topic.

Other Items Worth Noting:
  • The User Control Panel in this version is much better than the old one in vBulletin 2. Click around yours and see all there is to see.
  • New users will not appear on the user list until they've made a post. Their registrations are valid and have not been deleted, but it saves active members from having to look through the profiles of inactive users.

That's all I can think of for now. As questions are asked, and new features are added in future versions, I will update this thread accordingly. If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the Comments and Feedback Forum, or contact the forum's administrator.
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