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Whats Your Dream Prop?

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if you had the money, and the ability, what prop would you build/buy?
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Skulltronix skull comes to mind immediately...I'll have to think some more on others...
A remote control wheel chair. We have been very slowly working on it already. Maybe finish next year.
Skultronic skull for sure.
You guys think small....... I want a house like the one from the Munsters. THAT is a dream prop people.
Complete with Spot of course. :D
You said it Slimy!

A large old creepy looking house, in a big yard full of twisted trees.
Thats a hard ?, but I'm with some of the above I would like the house to put them in first. Munsters or the Addams Family one would do just fine.
Sleeping giant found here

Also, does anybody watch Modern Marvels on the History channel? They had one on Private Collections, and they showed the guy who runs Molar Manor, which is basically a warehouse for his collection of animated Halloween props.
You said it Slimy!

A large old creepy looking house, in a big yard full of twisted trees.
I'll second that!
An exact replica of the WDW Haunted Mansion to live in! Complete with victorian era decor and of course tattered curtains and cobwebs! Oh yeah...and of course an endless hallway with floating candlabra!
If I couldn't go that expensive though I would be very happy with a lifesize prop of the Headless Horseman on his horse. There was one on ebay last year but I couldn't afford it at the time.
A life-casting of Black Cat, hehehe..............
I wouldn't exactly call these props, but one of my close friends here in evansville, IN owned all three of these cars at one time, but sold the dual coffin car which by the way he built himself. The limo is a 57 stretch, which he drove for my wife and I at our wedding. The 55 Chevy(not cadillac) hearse is one of three built and the only one left in existence. The coffin car was originally going to be a Dragula replica but he wanted to be able to take his sons riding with him so built it this way. He owns a halloween store that is open all year round. He is also a dead ringer for Freddy Krueger.
57 chevy stretch limo: http://img172.imageshack.us/img172/5313/1133990133lus6.jpg
55 chevy hearse: http://img247.imageshack.us/img247/5632/dsc01517ep4.jpg
Coffin car: http://img185.imageshack.us/img185/5803/9b12mp6.jpg
Pic of my friend who owns these cars at our wedding reception dressed as Freddy: http://img241.imageshack.us/img241/8308/sarahspicturesassorted0kh3.jpg
Wow! Are you the beautiful blonde babe or the soulpatch dude?
Forget about the haunted house. I want a haunted GIANT!

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I'd like a full set of church ruins made out of foam. I think a full pirate ship would be very awesome too. =)
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