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Hmmm, this is like asking yourself what you really want for Xmas, lol.

#1. Finish the damned animated wolf pack I put off again this year.
#2. Make the skull fireplace whose parts went into other areas of the haunt at the last minute.
#3. Make specialty cemetery fence sections for crowd control and direction.
#4. Finish the LED spotlights
#5. Cast a flat backed skull with LED eyes for every parapet stone on the castle.
#6. Build some friggin doors for the castle.
#7. Finish the headstones I had to abandon to get the castle done in time.
#8. Experiment with a torture wheel and snake pit.
#9. Do the final touch up paint on the castle walls to age the stones.
#10. Have an actual plan for the front door, treat give away area, instead of just hanging bats and spiders at the last second.
#11. Be ready to tarp the entire haunt in case of rain, We've just been too lucky for too long.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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