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I need to:

1. Add more tombstones. I created three more for the yard this year, but couldn't paint them and set them up in time for the big day, thanks to nasty weather leading up to it and time constraints.
2. Build a better cemetery fence out of PVC. Mine is an old wooden one, inherited from my mom's old display, and it's falling to pieces.
3. Figure out a good design for a ground-breaker coffin with a slow opening, quick-closing lid. Dunno how I'm going to do this one yet, but it'd look great in the yard.
4. Build my own stirring witch prop, because it sounds like fun, and it's one of the projects my husband is excited to help with.
5. Motorize my FCG. Got the wrong motor this year, and had to leave her static. Thankfully, no one seemed to mind. We got tons of compliments on her, anyway.
6. Plan my lighting much, much better. I was rushing to get everything done this year, and lighting was one of the things I neglected. A few glowing lanterns, some floods, and some spotlights ought to do the trick, though!
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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