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Lotus said:
Revisted List
  1. Build Acid Spitter (50% complete)
  2. Build Grave Jumper (Complete)
  3. Frence Thrasher (Corpsing Process)
  4. More Tombstones (10 out of 50)
  5. Better Lighting System (Still designing it)
  6. Build 2 Fog Chillers (Complete)
  7. Make 8 Foot Static Jason Figure (Complete)
  8. Build more Fence about 15 more Sections (Pieces all cut and drilled just need to be assembled)
  9. Build/Finish Animated Sleeping Skeleton Gaurd (buying 3 buckies)
  10. Build Animated Crow for my Sign Post (Work in Progress)
  11. Build or Buy a 4 port manifold for pneumantic Props (might need another Air Compressor)
  12. Create a scence for my hanging bats (Design Complete)
My friend, That's a big ass list!!!
And to note that you've already got some of this done, AWESOME!

1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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