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alot of things myself i wanna change.
* real wagon wheels instead of the wooden ones. didnt hold up as well
* trash can trama
* chained coffin. pneumatic from terror syndicate
* chair lift prop also from terror syndicate.
* wall crawler
* pneumatics on the rear hearse doors triggerd by motion sensors
* replace my big lot skeletons with real skeletons
* improve lighting
* improve camara for photos!!!!!!!!!!
* may build my entrance gates. unsure cuz i may put chair prop there.
* improve sound system.

i did notice on a prev. post about finils. i used the lil plastic garden fence that you can buy from walmart and cut the center spear out and glued them into the tops of my fence. time consuming if you have alot of fence.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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