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Where can I find cheap ivy?

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For my last room in my haunt, I will be covering the walls with camouflage burlap and netting, then I plan on using fake ivy ( hanging it from the ceiling and off the walls ) and other things like that to make a garden area.
I want to find some ivy that is almost like netting (in the sense that it's not just one strand of ivy). Does anyone know of where I can get some, either online or in stores? I will check the websites for a few craft stores.
Thanks in advance!
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good luck Jordan, I have yet to find cheap ivy, the dollar store has ivy but its a buck for about 18 inches, by the time you buy all that ivy its gonna get pricey.

Im using ivy in my haunt and Ill tell you my solution. I am picking old ivy from neighbors to use around my stones and entrance pillars. I also have some fake stuff that I salvaged from a fake tree or something, Im using black twine and attaching it to the twine to make a string of fake ivy that I will hang onto the house using those xmas light holders. Im only making about 5 feet of it because I dont want to use the real **** on my newly painted house, not that I care but my wife would. Short, not drunken answer is, I dont know. Its not cheap, Id check Michaels, etc. might be able to find something. Good luck.
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