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Where can I find cheap ivy?

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For my last room in my haunt, I will be covering the walls with camouflage burlap and netting, then I plan on using fake ivy ( hanging it from the ceiling and off the walls ) and other things like that to make a garden area.
I want to find some ivy that is almost like netting (in the sense that it's not just one strand of ivy). Does anyone know of where I can get some, either online or in stores? I will check the websites for a few craft stores.
Thanks in advance!
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Grimlee beat me to it. Using real ivy is by far the cheapest. Look at some of the older buildings in your area that are covered with it, and talk to the owners or the gardeners, they'll probably have tons of it for you. Most try to keep it thinned out to keep from getting rat infestations. Rats like to nest in it.
For the synthetic stuff, keep in mind that it's all petroleum based, so the costs for new stuff is going to be very high.
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