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Funeral Wreath Countdown Sign

I needed a new countdown sign and decided to uses this contest as an excuse to make one. The biggest cost was the house numbers, I could have made them out of scraps of left over foam from the tombstones but my hubby was feeling extra generous and bought me the numbers. Most of the items listed I already had from other projects but if you had to buy them the cost is listed. I have tried to spray paint cemetery flowers in the past with so, so results. The Monster mud gave them a nice firm stone look, I was a bit worried the mud would flake off but they didn't and even held up in the rain we got Friday. This was my first time with monster mud; I did not like the weight of the burlap for this project and switched to left over scraps of quilt batting my mother gave me. The mud started to break down the fibers of the batting which made it easy to sculpt and smooth. If I do another Monster mud project I would use the batting again.

Funeral Wreath: How to

Numbers (12) 15.48 (1.29 each, 0-9, extra 1 and 2)

Gray Spray paint 2.29

Fleck stone 5.59

1 foot chicken wire 1.00

Wreath 2.99

Stand 3.47

10 foot 1/2 PVC 3.00

1 yard burlap 2.89

Scrap batting from mother Free

Flowers from trash Free

Glue sticks 1.00

23 gauge wire (1/3) role 0.83

9 gauge wire (10.00 ft.) 2.00

1/2 foam tubing 1.40

Spray clear coat 2.99

Duct tape 0.50

Total cost 45.43

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Nice looking entry Widow..
like the stone look.
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