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Will these lights do?

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my yard is about 60'x40'. im trying to follow the skull and bone method. heres what im thinking.

2 blue 75W blue floods in the lower corners facing the house
2 flicker bulbs in the front door light things....decoration only, not gonna produce much light
2 50W amber floods, placed in the top left corner facing into the middle
1 75W amber flood from the far left, side door light pointed towards the middle of the haunt

i think im going to do 1 75W and 1 50W for the blues though, fixture restrictions.

anyway will it work out do you think?
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i just found a portable flood liht fixture at brooks so i can do two 70watters for the blue.
alright, im probably ordering them tonight...ill try em out when i get them
i also have a strobe going i forgot to say.

maybe ill get a third 50W amber bulb, i have the sockets available.
roday i tested them, i ended up getting 2 blue and 2 amber 100w bulbs....i have a blue and an amber outside, it looks great on the graves and bluckies.....i really need to find portable flood fixtures though, i only have 2...

anyone know where to find them?
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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