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Will these lights do?

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my yard is about 60'x40'. im trying to follow the skull and bone method. heres what im thinking.

2 blue 75W blue floods in the lower corners facing the house
2 flicker bulbs in the front door light things....decoration only, not gonna produce much light
2 50W amber floods, placed in the top left corner facing into the middle
1 75W amber flood from the far left, side door light pointed towards the middle of the haunt

i think im going to do 1 75W and 1 50W for the blues though, fixture restrictions.

anyway will it work out do you think?
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We change all the interior house lightbulbs to the colored party bulbs keeping the same color in each room the same, e.g., living room lamps are blue, dining room red, upstairs bedrooms green, etc. Just a couple of table lamps or ceiling light fixtures in each room is enough. It doesn't throw much light out into the yard but it gives the house a very creepy look that doesn't cost much to do.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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