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Witch spells

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I have a balck faux leather book and want ideas for spells to put in it. someone earlier showed me there book on chat and it was great so i decided to make one. All i need is ideas for spells to put in it any sort off spell will do.
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How about using some of the spells from the Book of Shadows on Charmed? I have no idea if they are copyrighted or not so I won't post it here. I found a site with many of the spells used on the show as well as some audio clips. Just google for "spell book charmed".

There's a spell "To Attract and Destroy A Succubus...." Oooooh I'm in trouble! I'd better hide.
awsome thanks hh. wooh thats freaky the book i have is called the book of shadows
How about googling grimm's fary tales? would think the original tales ought to have some spells in there.
check these out


There is a lot of spells on this page. :jol:
I say put some heavily disguised recipes for inocuous items, like peanut butter cookies or dish soap, and see if anybody notices. :)
Hey grim,
I think that was me that showed you the spell book. If you want you can use mine. Anyways let me know.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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