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Witch Supplies

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I am making a witches workroom. I need some ideas for supplies. I have a crystal ball, cauldron, candles, some books, spellbook, broom, tarot cards...i need more fillers. I am making a background with a book case and fabric, then using 2 tables in an L shape for her work area. I am using an old bookstand with a bucky attached to it for the spell book i want people to be able to see the details. I realize most people dont look to closely but i want them to be able to see it looking pretty real. I know there are some wiccans out there and i would like to represent things as closely as possibe. Its for an adult viewing so i dont have to worry about kids, I dont do pentagrams so anything else would really be helpful. If you have any background ideas they would be appreciated too.
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How about the ingredients for the cauldron. Eye of newt, spider's legs, troll's blood, etc.
Yeah thats what im wanting. things like that, anymore ideas?
I do a center piece on my Halloween party buffet table with all kinds of jars of stuff. Spiders, lizards, snakes, bugs, pretty much anything you can pick up in the toy dept for cheap. I also use mason jars and fill them with stuff from the yard, leaves or acorns. Last year I found some cheap opaque colored glass bottles with cork tops. You couldn't see in them so I just scatered them around with the other stuff and let people imagine what might be in them.
Anyone know where to get a fairly cheap witches hat? Something that I can ruff up.
My suggestion is to create a table or shelf full of things that a witch might use in various potions. Last year, I use a bunch of bottles I'd been collecting and made some really great labels, which I then glued on. Some ingredients were "wort of warlock" (garbonzo beans), "dried garden gnome heads" (dried apples that had first been carved), "earwax of hill goblin" (dried hunks of peanut butter)...well you get the idea. In one dark green bottle, I inserted a lit incense cone so that the smoke rose out the cap, which I had drilled holes into. Nice effect among the ingredients.

I can't wait to see pictures of the end result of whatever you come up with!
Target, Walmart, etc. You might check your local Party City...mine has already put out leftover things from last Halloween at a huge discount. I just bought my 8-year old a witch's costume for $6!
Dont forget to add lots of brooms and bundled hanging dried plants..realistic and cheap...
All great ideas! exactly what I was thinking!

Have more than one broomstick. You can buy a generic broom from the dollar general and cut out the stitching that makes it flat. Sit it outside upside down and it will fluff out. Wrap yarn, scarves, cloth scraps around the broom later if you need to tame it a bit, and around the metal wire (if it has it) on the handle. Get one that is black or a cool witch color, or scuff it up or paint it. For ambience, take a large straight branch and lash some sticks and twigs to it with twine for an antique type broom. But whatever you do, don't just stand them in a corner! Hang them with fishing line (the lighter weight, the less noticeable, and check to make sure it doesn't glow if using a black light) and direct a small fan at them out of sight. Just so that they have a slight bit of movement, like they're hovering.

Buy lots of filmy, satin-y, sparkle net and such type material to drape all over and layer, etc. Get the $1/yd stuff at Walmart. 6-8 yds looks pretty impressive when draped over a table or chair and puddled on the floor.

I love BroomChick's jars of stuff! Fantastic ideas, but use old jars if you can. If you are using empty mayo and pickle jars cover the lids with paint, cloth or felt so the lable doesn't show. Have one with a BIG rock on it looking like it is holding it down. I love the incense idea too! Plus the odor will add to the ambience as well.

Get one of those misters and put it into a cauldron, or a camping dutch oven. Just make sure it doesn't go dry, if they do they are ruined.
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I like the incence in a bottle idea.

What about the critters? Black cats, spiders,ravens, crows, snakes, lizards, rats and mice. Any good witches lair worth its salt is littered with critters. These can be static, or it's only a little trouble to cut the head off of a crow, and an osilating motor. You could add a motor to the cat's tail as well. Whether they move or not, you gotta have the critters.
OMG!!! These are great ideas. I love the broom one, i was gunna by one off ebay. Are you talking colored satin?sparkle? I love the critters idea. I did pick up some potion bottles at Michaels. I will probably use the cat tail swishing thing..that was good too...You guys are great...keep them coming. Any ideas for old books or covers for them, to make them look older?? THanks
these ideas are great! I dont have any of my own... except perahps masks in the jars and fingers and eyeballs and stuff like that too. Shoes coming from under the table as well and dirt on the floor.
A layer of dust ( flour ) and cob webs ( that cheap stuff in a bag, but only where they would last corners ect. and lightly)
wood ash makes good dust too. I put my dust in rolled up paper and puff it on the items i want covered. Just a little at a time and a little up angle to it drifts down.
Hmm...let me look around the kitchen and see if I see anything that wasn't mentioned...:p

I don't think that anyone suggested a mortar and pestle. If you can find some realistic toy/replica frogs or toads to sprinkle around, that would be good. The bundles of dried plants/herbs was an excellent suggestion. If you're going for the sensational, I would throw in a skull or two.

Search flea markets or yard sales for old books. Here's a hint for aged labels: Tea-stain some regular white paper and let it dry. Find a suitable font and print out a label for the cover (and if necessary, the spine) of the book. Cut a little bit larger than the size needed and carefully singe the edges of the label. Paste label to book.
Take a face, or pic of a gory or screaming face/mask from somewhere on the net (google it) and then take a comp program to distort it. Print it out and roll up the pic and push it down into a wine bottle (something with straight sides so the paper touches it all the way round. Stuff some wig hair into the bottle with it hanging out! Very cool effect!

As for the fabric, you'll know what you love when you see it!

Check the thrift stores for any granny boots, since they were popular in the 80's and into the 90's they will be showing up.

Dust is a great idea. To get bagged spider web to stick where there isn't any rough edges, use the hook side of velcro dots that you can get in the fabric dept. of most stores. Always comes in white and black at the cheap stores and all colors at the big fabric stores. Just make sure not to put the extremely sticky kind up where you don't want to damage the surface, it can take paint and varnish off. The velcro dots will also catch cheese cloth.

Definitely need a rocking chair. Attach a line to one of the rockers and to an oscillating fan that has had it's blade and screen removed. It will rock the empty chair. Attach another line to something else and make the fan work double duty!
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wow sounds like one of the rooms i am going to have .. i wil not be using book shelves per say i may be painting them on to a sheet like a mural. but if i can`t get that done ill be using the creepy cloth i made last yr.
and yeah like slimy says gotta have the critters i found a couple awesome bird cages for them too ..although i will have one or two not in a cage ... how bout a mystical owl... i also will be using a submersible light and a water pump (for bubbles) for my wapaghoulie to make it look like a bubbling green cauldron . under that the fake fire in a make shift oven to look like stone ..
also a jar of eyes... and maybe some (pickled ) dragons eggs.. a magic mirror, so many things can be used dont forget your lighting i wil be using green for that also and a couple lanterns.
Ghoul Luck to you I hope i can get mine all done.
WOW!!! You guys are great. This is why i come here. Absolutely fantastic ideas. I wouldnt have thought of the dust or making book covers. That was just freaking awesome. I got some old books at a thrift shop for 5 bucks for like 40 of them, I tried to go with all different sizes and shapes and colors, but none of them were "halloween/witch type so covering them with a cool paper label would work great i could make it small enough that you could still see the colors of the books. I was going to use 2 premade bookcases, but i would like to try to make one from wood and foam. I was thinking of making it look like stone. Do ya think that would be too cheesy. I want to hang some purple/black cloth in the center of them and then hang a great poster in a frame i found. I was also thinking tins and bottles for htings like fairy wings and graveyard dirt. I realize they arent real things witches use, but it will add an element of fun to it. I have gotten so many ideas I want to use...i cant decide. So maybe ill do a little more next year. If you guys have anyother suggestions, please let me know...thanks
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IshWitch said:
Take a face, or pic of a gory or screaming face/mask from somewhere on the net (google it) and then take a comp program to distort it. Print it out and roll up the pic and push it down into a wine bottle (something with straight sides so the paper touches it all the way round. Stuff some wig hair into the bottle with it hanging out! Very cool effect!...
Maybe something like this? :D
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Okay that is sick...truely silence of the lambs creepy...WOW, wanna sell it???
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