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witches fingers/bloody fingers

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one can breadsticks or make your own recipe
you can use green food color to dye for witch fingers..leave reg for bloody
roll out each breadstick thinner than normal and cut in threes
grip each one to form knuckles
press with finger on the edge for your nail area
use a tip of a toothpick to dip in red food color and set on end of finger in nail area
place a almond slice on that
bake according to directions

sry no picture
but i think these are good for munching on..especially when drinking
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ooooooh Nice! I want to try it. Please post a pic!
Rev: :p

Lilly, they look good! What did you use for a garnish in the bottom? Peppercorns?
Gotcha! I didn't know that's what they are called. :)
I'd love to do a party this year, but there's no way right now...
bankruptsy and the unknown jodi. :(
Thanks. :) I certainly want to. I have to update and redo my site after this b-thang is all over. Just don't have the time right now. heh
1 - 7 of 23 Posts
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