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witches fingers/bloody fingers

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one can breadsticks or make your own recipe
you can use green food color to dye for witch fingers..leave reg for bloody
roll out each breadstick thinner than normal and cut in threes
grip each one to form knuckles
press with finger on the edge for your nail area
use a tip of a toothpick to dip in red food color and set on end of finger in nail area
place a almond slice on that
bake according to directions

sry no picture
but i think these are good for munching on..especially when drinking
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I used cookie dough to make my witches fingers last year; probably a butter cookie/cookie press recipe so it was a little stiffer. we rolled them, squished knuckles in and then cut the knuckle wrinkles in. pressed almond slivers in red paste food coloring and used for fingernails and baked according to the cookie directions. they were a HUGE hit, I used cookie dough because it doesn't spread/rise as much as a bread dough will. "painted" blood in the finger knuckles.

really easy, it only sound hard. and good!
sorry, Sickie, I didn't mean to pry. your website is awesome and I just figured you'd do the whole shebang including a party.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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