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Wolfstone 404?

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Anyone what happened to Wolfstone or if it will be back? Did I miss an announcement? :confused:

The link below redirects to horrorfind.com


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http://wolfstone.halloweenhost.com works for me.

EDIT: Looks like the new URL is http://hauntmaven.com/. But that's a frame based redirect.

Maybe they're moving...several broken links.
The "Questions, Comments and Feedback" forum is meant for HauntForum.com specific inupt and since this question doesn't pertain to HauntForum.com, I will move it into the Haunts Forum.
I've seen some 404s and I've seen some good pages... I think googling wolfstone worked the last time I had a problem w/ a bookmark I had.
Thanks guys.

Sorry about that Zombie-F!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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