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Wonder Cutter

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I just discovered the wonder cutter foam cutter. And! WOW! I just needed to say that. Do yourself a favor, if you have not already done so, Go to your trash, take out the Michaels Flyer, cut out the 40percent off coupon and go straight to Michaels to buy one of these. It works AWESOME!!!!!
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They do work very well. But use in a well ventilated area... in other words don't breath the fumes!
Here's one I built out of an old soldering gun. It's really simple to do, and if you get tired of using it as a foam cutter, you just put the solder tip back in and it's good to go. I just put in two small, bent brass rods and stretched a length of cooper wire between them, cuts like a laser!
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I still think I need to make that "table saw" sized foam cutter I've seen on haunt project...
what fumes Scare FX... I didnt have any..mind you I only cutted 1/2 inch today...are there bad fumes with bigger foam?
what fumes Scare FX... I didnt have any..mind you I only cutted 1/2 inch today...are there bad fumes with bigger foam?
I was warned that when the cutter melts the foam there are fumes (both noxious and toxic) produced by the melting foam (that may or may not be visible). Maybe that's BS but I'd hate for one of my fav haunt forum members end up a prop. ;)
Yeah, the fumes are something you don't want to breathe a lot of... bad for your brain! I've done tons of foam cutting and "melting" tho, and you can almost always see the fumes as they rise from the styro so you know when to avoid them. If you can't cut the foam in an open space, at least use a fan to blow the fumes immediately away, and have ventilation going in the space you are in. Also, check out Foamfactory.com for some really useful foam cutting/shaping tools!
cool thanks guys. I guess I killed a few brain cells yesterday then LOL. Ah I only killed the ones that were on their way out. Its survival of the fittest in my brain. LOL....

I have checked out foamfactory and I think I may need to place an order... muuaaahhhhhh
I really like Brad's idea of converting the soldering iron ! That rocks and seems very easy as well. (Cheaper to) Yes the Foam Factory has some really cool tools and stuff. How do we know we killed brain cells ? Thats what I was told back in the 70's hmmm maybe thats why everyone says I am different yea that must be it. Well guess I killed a few more than the others LOL
I think I need one of these. And I don't have to worry with ventilation, since I have no brain cells left.
I have the hot wire foam factory cutter...the thing is a godsend...expensive, but worth it to me. Yes it does give off fumes, so ventilation or a mask is my advice. I love the cutters and all that i can do with them.
When i bought my carvable pumpkins the girl told me she had to do all the ones in the store and that she also used and liked the foam cutter... Thought about getting one, but i do have tools I can use and No Fumes yeah. I am still thinking of getting one, never know what i will need it for
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