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Woooo Hooooo!

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Another win for Canada! Eh! I just wanted to post a big Yippee! that Lukas won Rockstar: Supernova! I think that Rocks!
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Dilana should have won. Even if she didn't make it into the band with a trio of second rate rock stars, she has a long career ahead of her. That girl can belt out the jams!
(waves my flag) I was happy the homeboy won too - but honestly he wasn't my favourite performer either. Watching him interviewed I quite liked him, just didn't care for his singing. I was all about Magni myself and I agree Dilana was talented...honestly the last 5 or so were all pretty amazing.
Meh - I wasn't likely to buy their album anyways, so they don't need to impress me. :) They picked who they wanted!
What do you think the 'Rock Star' franchise will follow this up with? Or will they?
I may buy it, because I dig Gilby, but right now, they have no album, and no tour. And, no name.
Another band has aready got Supernova, and a judge has ruled in their favor. Tommy and company can't do anything under that name until a new deal is reached.

You'd think someone would've checked into that.:googly:
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