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Hey guys well its been a while since I have posted because I'm at college and very busy. I'm studying a BTEC national diploma in theatre production and have on year left of the course so have to start looking for apprenticeships and higher education now. I have looked at lots of places in the U.K and the courses are ok but I would prefer an apprenticeship because I'm more hands on and would want to focus more on the work in hand than an essay on the context of the performance. The course I'm studying at the moment consists of Lighting (rigging, focusing, programming and operating), Sound (Setting up the P.A system and operating the sound board), Props (design, building and painting) Set (designing, building and painting) and Costume (designing, pattern making, Cutting, Sewing, Decorating). My main area of focus is scenic construction and painting, but I also enjoy prop making, lighting and special effects (inc. Make up) I have looked for apprenticeships in the U.K but there are very little to none, But I get links for ones in the US. And I know how productive and creative you guys are and was wondering if any of you working in theatres, film, t.v, or own your own company knew of any apprenticeships out there ? I would LOVE to come to the U.S to study as I'm hoping in the future I may make it into the film industry and maybe Hollywood. Yeah I have big dreams but It's what I have always wanted to do.
Thanks if you read this, and if you know of anything please let me know it will be hugely appreciated.
Many Thanks,
Matt Newman
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