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Worlds EASIEST interactive Peppers

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Has anyone seen the new Logitach webcams? Take a look at THIS:

Pretty Cool Features on the new Logitech Webcam. - FileCabi.net

and THIS: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/p...556,effecttype=10346,company=0?category=10379

This video thing is FREE when you buy one of these new cams. I'm thinking, a flat-screen monitor behind a tinted "magic mirror", and you could talk to the TOTs and set up a treat dispensing chute. Just have a second cam set up at the "mirror" so you can see/hear the TOTs, and work just like any other internet/webcam chat.

Some answers from the FAQ:

5. Is there any special software required for people to view my Avatar or Face Accessory?

No special software is required to see Video Effect content. The resulting footage is the same as normal pictures or video produced by the camera.

6. Does Video Effects work with all applications?

Yes, Video Effects will work with any application capable of using a USB web cam.

7. Can I make my own Avatar or Face Accessory?

Currently, Video Effects content is only available via the Logitech website. Due to the complexity of content, it is not possible to produce your own Video Effects.
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That is very cool! And much more do able. I also think they need some less cartoony choices. A skeleton would be kick ass!
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