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Well today is my day. Happy Birthday to me LOL. Also have to be in court today to see if this divorce can finally be put behind me. Ugggggggggg court on my Birthday. Yall be thinking about me and send me some good vibes this morning . Hopefully I will get the best Birthday gift ever today and the divorce will be finall. I Hope I hope.
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You beat me to wishing you a Happy Birthday!
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Happy birthday and happy divorce, wormyt! ;) Hope everything goes your way today!
Happy B-Day Wormy!
good luck in court! I hope you get the house! :D
Happy Birthday, Wormyt! Hope all your wishes come true. :)
I hope you have a great birthday and try to get through the divorce crap outta the way.
Happy Birthday! I hope that you have a great one:D
Have a wonderful birthday wormyt, hope you get your wish.
Have both a happy b-day and a happy d-day wormy. :)
Happy Birthday Wormster!!! Best of luck to you.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Wormy!!!! I hope you have good news today as well!!!
Happy Birthday wormyt!
Happy Birthday!

My guess he didn't dig Halloween!

Best of luck!
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