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Hi Secret, I'm glad to hear you're starting early. With that much ground to cover, you're going to need lots of time to fill it all up. Since there's no way you can power that much acreage via extension cord, I'd recommend going the 12 volt route. Car wiper motors have good torque and are fairly adaptable to different applications. The only "non-electric" (non-AC) haunted trail I ever did was for the Cub Scouts once. I used deep cycle marine trolling motor batteries to power everything, including the lighting. I'd also recommend that you start making up LED spotlights now. They use less power over time compared to a 12v light bulb, and proper mood lighting can go a long way towards making or breaking your haunt. the place in Hong Kong that I buy LEDs from even includes 12v resistors for free with each purchase.
I'd be looking for anything and everything that can be powered by 12 volt. Power window motors, old PC fans, car headlights and horns, cd players for sound, etc. Even if you can't come up with the trolling motor batteries, they can be expensive, I'd still go with 12 volt and run miles of low shock wiring compared to extension cords from the house.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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