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I have a year to prepare for our 8 acre haunted walk... as I said in my intro message..

I have lots of static props and already have a rough map of what my son and I are going to do, but he wants some "action" to some props without using "actors" at every turn... As he said if we use his friends as actors, who is going to do the walk... Our map includes a lab, spider haven, witches around a cauldron, bride and groom skeletons, casket dwellers, graveyard, ghosts in the trees, a "mad hell dog", and our fenced off pond (people can not wander off into it) in which we would like to do some type of swamp monster... Our plan is to have several "large areas" for the previously listed things and then some scattered smaller things in the darkness between the areas... leaves rustling, maybe the webs that hang at face level, ya know the kinds of things that make ya edgy between big scares...

My question is what type of things should I be looking for to make the props have action. I have 3 wiper motors, 2 ice-cream maker motors and one fog machine along with my static props which include 4 skeletons, spiders, a huge cast iron cauldron, yards and yards of cheese cloth for ghosts, 2 caskets made from pressboard, about 15 full head masks, and other small things... We are novices as to how to hook things up with out using extension cords. My son is great about car motors and can follow directions if someone is willing to, more or less, "take us under their wing" and help us out.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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