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You might be a "Halloweenie" if...

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My wife calls me a "Halloweenie" which I take as a compliment. In Jeff Foxworthy "you might be a *******" fashion, I'll start this thread.

You might be a "Halloweenie" if...

You take out your fog machine in August to test it to make sure it will work on Halloween night.
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...your father walks into your house and doesn't even comment on the Bucky skeleton you have sitting on the couch because he considers that 'normal' around your place.
...if there is always the 'latest creation' taking up space and scaring the crap out of the cats. :devil:
... your office is not decorated with daisies and "pretty stuff" but with skull candles and skelletons year round
You're soo happy that someone got you a new Halloween prop for a Christmas gift.
if you spend over 6 hours a day in the graveyard chat
You spend all day posting at Hauntforum while at work.
you spend your day at work making halloween props,drawing soon to be halloween props or just plain daydreaming halloween
Your coworkers save parts for you to use for props.
Oh, now you got me started.

Your kids play witch by using your best wooden spoon to stir the bathroom toilet.
When you came home from big lots last week your youngest daughter not only hung the new spider skelly but insisted you take her to party city because you bought new stuff without her.
...you know the city 'big trash pick up' schedule by heart and drive through neighborhoods looking for anything that can be used to scare people with.
Everyone knows that you will not be at work on the day before, the day of, and the day after Halloween.
... you come home from Big Lots and unload all your halloween finds on the floor and your kids ask, "You were supposed to get school supplies..."

I don't have kids though, haha!

You go to Home Depot not to improve your home, but to "spookify" it!
if you drive through your neighborhood or others scanning through there trash for anything possible to be used for a prop or to build a prop. LOL
DeathTouch said:
Oh, now you got me started.

Your kids play witch by using your best wooden spoon to stir the bathroom toilet.
LMAO at all of these but this one was preety freekin funny!

...you start dreaming of halloween props and displays in the spring during that period of time when it seems like fall... and you spouse rolls thier eyes....
When the you stop mowing the grass and don't clean up the front yard because it will look creepier by the time you put out the tombstones for your graveyard. Muuuuaahhhhhhhh!
you have black spray paint, great stuff and monster mud stains on your garage floor.
.... when you manager sets you up to head the October Social because everyone knows its your favorite time of year...
When you have a garage sale just to make room for new props
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