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I would like to talk about my Halloween channel. :)
This time of the year is hard for Halloween creator.

I'm a french canadian, so my English is not the best.
But I'm trying my best!

On it...
  • I'm showing cool 90's items.
  • I'm Building a model of The Munsters (we're at Episode 4).
  • I'm sharing childhood memories.
  • I'm showing unique collections.
And so much more to come...
I try to bring the Halloween magic into your home!
Please subscribe if you like it :).

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Welcome to the forum, and no need to apologize for your grasp of English. Truth be told, you speak it better than a lot of folks here in the States:p
I vote for either the cat in the pumpkin or the wicked Wanda witch.

Interesting coincidence with respect to the old ad about making things from dollar bills - Spooky1 and I have been helping a neighbor declutter his house. One of the items we found last week was a vase containg ten “roses” made from dollar bills. Our neighbor said his aunt used to make all kinds of things like that, so she must have had that instruction book.
You, my dear, are an artist! Your version of the painting over the fireplace is hugely better than the sticker.

Your comment about Bob Ross and the trees made me laugh:p
1 - 3 of 15 Posts