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ZOMBIE Makeup video pics

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Not a promotion, just sharing some pics of this weekends makeup video Zombie makeup.....

and what would I do if i ever came across one of these brain eating flesh flopping zombies.....
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wow looks great! I'd love to learn how to do stuff like that.
Make up be lookin' good, bro! We still have to make a film one of these good ol' days. If I can ever find Jeff too...that's hopefully still on in the near future.

As you may have noticed, I moved the thread. Thought it belonged in Halloween as it has to do with costumes, make-up and such. Perhaps the Oddities forum wouldn't have been a bad place for it either by the looks of it. Hmmmm...:D :cool:
Mike, stop in on one of our demos one day, youll be surprised on how much you can learn........ Sinister, still looking forward to the movie......saving my film cherry for you, unless lucas calls....heh. funny sidenote..... as you see we filmed a lil footage at the local cemetery, my zombie felt a lil uneasy, being that there were people in the cemetery, (we stayed out of eyesite) as we were leaving though a funeral procession was heading in....heh, Imagine the look on their faces had they been laying grandpa to rest and uncle joe came out of the bushes to say hello!!!!
Rob, what awesome work!!!! You really goota teach me the art of mark-up!
Your a true master (beta, couldnt resisit) master creator that is!
That was a pretty funny story, Rob. I always wanted to try something like that when a funeral was taking place just to see what would happen. My curiosity has been somewhat settled. Thanks! :D :D
In the first pic, im having a hard time figuring who is who. Must be you(on the right) just starting to get ready to apply the make-up to the person on the left. If I think im correct.

Awesome makeup job. If I can ever pull off this NJ Regional Haunt Convention, we would LOVE to have you do a demo if you would. Hell, I wish I could afford to hire you for a private tutorial, or just to come help us get in costume for our Halloween party, or make up our actors for Halloween, or just to mess with the neighbors, or..... You get the idea. Great job!
get Busy TA I would love to do a demo at your place.....
That's really awesome work.
Well MAX , cant say that I ever had my zombies called Beautiful, But Thanx
I suppose then, that as the old saying goes, BEAUTY is in the eye of the beholder......... In all reality I was very very pleased with this job.
thats some damn crappy looking stuff....lol, whered u dig that guy up from
You have a real talent there bub! I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see you hired in a film real soon.
Actually Dr. we have been holding out for the RIGHT film to come along, Ive turned down quite a few biggies (The Island, Four Brothers, and a Spike Lee movie that I didnt bother remembering the title of.) I dont want to just be makeup artist 43- bullet wound 72. We waited for the right one, and it finally came along, Now is the waiting process for him to pull it all together.......
I dont think film work is where I want to be, but it adds Credibility to my FX so Im in like flynn.......
Nice work bodybagging...he's truly gross and disgusting...perfect!
Well MAX , cant say that I ever had my zombies called Beautiful, But Thanx

Beauty IS in in the eye of the beholder:D
yup, u deserve to be way more than a number prop artisit, bullet wond making guy, your talent is way to awesome for that.

As Hinez says"Good things come to those who wait".

Rob, check ur pm's and get back with me.

1 - 20 of 45 Posts
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