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Stays Zesty in milk
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Looking for good laboratory help?

Zombie minions are quite unimaginative...
Robots do only what they are programed...
Demons often to subvert orders...
Human help tends to die at the least little chemical/radiation leak or explosion... and they always complain about not getting food or rest or pay...
Other 'Mad' scientists have there own crazy ideas, and never share your magnificent visions of a new and better future...

Good help is so hard to find...
Until NOW!
Meet your new lab partner,
Cy-Gore, the Re-Animated Psychic Cybernetic Zombie Lab Assistant ('I'gor)

Virtually indestructible, tireless, creative, and strong, yet completely subservient to your will!
Cy-Gore also psychically clones and molds his mind to yours, so that more often than not, he is already on task with your latest experiments!

Complete with the New Atomic-Powered Robo Claw (capable of shredding titanium) and Omni-optic cyber eye (that can even see into the immediate future!)

More pic's Here

Simply send 1 millllllion $ to The 3L Cemetery C/o the 4L labs or dial (555) 555-Cy-Gore with account information... (That's less than a frickin cyborg shark with frickin' lasers or a trident submarine!)

Act now to receive free shipping and free evil lab rats, while they last!

This was a fun project that added yet another zombie (and first animated prop) to me' ever growing army of undead...
Vote early, and vote often!:googly:

-Pro rated cost est.
1$ store-
duct tape- .50
masking tape- .50
foil- .50
plastic wrap- .50
zip ties- .50
Ping pong ball eye (1/12)- .09
string- .25
== 2.84$

Thrift store/store-
lab coat- 1$
Scrubs- 2$
lights- 2.50$
* mannequin body&arms- 12$
* foam skull- 6$
wig & *wig head- 2.50$
*Ice 'teeth'- 1$
shoes- 3$
(* = used as form in casting)
== 34.50$

Scrap materials-
27 assorted screws- .75
assorted nuts (5), bolts (4), washers (6) - 1$
1/2" pvc pipe 25'- 1.26$
1/2" pvc fittings-
- couplings 8 -.40
- Tee's 10- .60
- 90 elbows 4 - .32
- end cap 1- .12
3/4" pvc 1'- .19
1" pcv 3' - .25
1 1/2" pvc 1' - .15
2" pvc 1'- .17
1/4 '' aluminum tubing 6" - .55
30' #14 wire - 1.50$
12/2 MC cable - .78
1" 1 hole straps (6) - .68
15 wire nuts- .45
40' tie wire- .40
2' 1/2" liquitite flex- .22
2 1/2" LQ fittings - 1.08$
appliance power cord- .50
camera lens- 1$
5 sq' ply wood- -1$
2' 2x4- .16
== 12.63$

Assorted paints- 2$
2 batches mache clay- 5$
TP 2 rolls - .84
Home brew mache glue 2.20/gallon
Handy home made foam & wire hand- 1$

Last minuet additions/ Other others-
old tennis ball- .26
3 1/4" x 5" eye bolts- .45
hot glue- .12
1/2" pvc FA- .10
old/broken bic pen- .10
2- 1$ store rats- 2$
== 3.03$

Free stuff-
Card board
2 liter bottles
milk jugs
1 re-reused disposable gloves
empty TP rolls
assorted recycled plastic containers / packaging
1 meat injector (free with marinade)

Total= 64.04$
(maybe 5$ out of pocket)

Clean "cut"
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Ohhh, I want one of those. Can I pay you $.50 down and $.50 a week plus a package of stinky cheese? Love that glowing left appendage!

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Well, he sounds really cool and all, but does he do windows?:D:googly:

Another personality-plus addition to your mad zombie minions - good job!

IN MEMORIAM - A Wee Bit Wicked....
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:jol: Wow Zurgh!:eek: He is AWESOME! What a great prop, he is uber cool. (yes I said uber and I am standing up clapping, but you cannot see me) I am so loving this, well done, my friend, well done!;)

Muddled Moderator
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Cy-Gore looks like a handy assistant for a Mad Scientist. Nice work, Zurg!

Slowly Losing My Mind
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That is killer Zurgh!
Love the details and imagination!
Good luck!

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So that's what you've doing with your time!? He is really a cool prop, Zurgh. Kinda looks like someone I used to date. :)

Stays Zesty in milk
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Thank you, Zesty Party Peeps!

Gy-gore has an optical illusion that didn't seem to show up too well in the vid... the eye(s) are back lit and concave so that they appear to follow you...

Cy-gore also sways gently back & forth along with the arm & jaw action... an unintended but welcome consequence of the massager mounting and arm movement... Also, the motor and lights are on 2 separate circuits so they can be controlled independently of each other...

▼ Just for fun... not part of the entry... ▼
Cy-Gore is ready for any chalange, be it experiments, window cleaning, or even party hosting! (He makes a mean margarita.) His CNPI (Central Neural Processor Interface) runs off a the 'Open Sores' platform...

She looks so normal
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Good help is so hard to find. And good help that can party with you? You've got a million dollar idea there. To bad the government is on shutdown, cause otherwise they'd buy hundreds of them. Either as soldiers to fight the zombie army, or to mix drinks back in Washington.
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